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Balmain Watches

In 1987, an enthusiastic team faced a formidable challenge: to create and develop a timepiece brand that paid homage to the great French couturier, Pierre Balmain. Montres Pierre Balmain was born in the cradle of watchmaking. One thing was clear: Balmain arabesques and elegance had to lie at the heart of all the timepieces. Thus, year after year and collection after collection, Balmain watches faithfully reflect the origins of this prestigious label, with resounding success.From 1987 to 1995, Balmain watches were manufactured under exclusive license by the Swatch Group, which supplied its immense expertise and state-of-the-art watchmaking technology to the brand and the Parisian fashion house founded in 1945 by fashion designer Pierre Balmain. Balmain is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd, the Worlds leading manufacturer of horological products.


The diamonds in the bazels completes the elegant design. Wesselton is a choice for Balmain watches.


Designs are sensual, elegant & exquiste with beautiful elaborate lines and curves.

Sapphire Crystals

Sapphire crystals are scratch resistant and non reflective, making the face clear and beautiful.

Swiss made

Precision and perfection is a important part of the luxurious designs of Balmain.


The richness of design, the flawless quality of primary materials, the precision of movements and the splendour of Wesselton diamonds: these attributes have forged the reputation of both Balmain watches and Swiss watchmaking. Added to that is the excellence of our in-house setting. Balmain is also a pioneer in this field, being one of the first brands to dare to attempt to set diamonds in steel housings. A technique that is still successfully used today

Sensual Designs

Designed are sensual, elegant & exquiste with beautiful elaborate lines and curves. The arabesque" motif was the core of what inspired the creative genius that Pierre Balmain was. Through all his collections he included this motif in the lace, embroidery and trimmings of his exquisite dresses and coats watch designs reflects that as well. D reaming, inventing, innovating, immortalising. Stimulating creative potential to bring the fashion watch design to its greatest heights. Dressing a watch, giving it harmonious contours or unusual lines, shaping it from materials that will stand the test of time. Meticulously achieving perfection in the minutest detail. Anticipating trends. Predicting wishes. Sensing passions. Stirring the imagination. At Balmain, design is a real art form, and the ability to constantly reinvent ourselves is key. PIERRE BALMAIN, a key figure in Parisian Haute Couture, has helped to spread around the world the idea of French luxury with the help of his art. "Les Arabesques" were at the heart of his inspiration for this genius of creation. When in 1987, the brand SWATCH group was aimed at developing PIERRE BALMAIN watches, it became evident that the famous motif "arabesque" would be the soul of these accessories with prestigious signature.