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Absolute, contemporary - The US designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group pooled their formidable talent in 1997 to create cK watch, a watch brand with graphic lines that are striking, refined and contemporary. A new and inimitable type of watch was born the fashion accessory watch. Today, over 200 different Swiss-made models designed for men as well as women adorn storefronts in more than 60 countries. The geometrical creations of 1997 have given way to lines that are more fluid, organic, sensual and integrated; a reflection of the current trend. A rare ambassador of the Swiss watchmaking industry in the fashion segment, ck Calvin Klein remains its international leader, partly due to a strategic approach to pricing made possible by the Swatch Group. Official Calvin Klein website

Designer Brand

Calvin Klein, Inc. is one of the leading fashion design studios in the world. Calvin Klein's most prestigious and luxurious brand, sets the tone of modern sophistication

Fashion & styles

Collections range from minimalist, absolute, uncompromising to powerful, striking designs Ladies watches are feminine, composed, daring, seductive, sensual and sophisticated offers women the function of a watch combined with the elegance of a piece of jewelry.


Watches are Swiss made to ensure the perfectionism.